Welcome to Medora!
2017 Chamber Events

Ribs & Bluegrass + Spring Fling – May 20

Cowboy Poetry at Medora Community Center - May 27 & 28

Medora Badlands NDRA Rodeo at Ranchorama in Medora - June 2 - 3

All Horse Flag Day Parade - June 14

Wildlife Feed - November 10

Medora’s Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas – December 8 - 9

Chamber Meeting - Second Thursday each month
@ 4:15pm

Mission & Priorities

The Medora Chamber of Commerce's goal is to promote a prosperous and positive environment for all businesses and attractions within the Medora area. Please join us!

Letter from the Chamber President


Thank you for your interest in Medora, North Dakota’s western destination for family fun. Whether you are looking for entertainment, education or just plain ol’ relaxation, Medora has something for you.

Medora is a historic treasure nestled in the beautiful Badlands of North Dakota. Founded in 1883 by a young Frenchman named the Marquis DeMores and named after his wife, Medora is full of history. Visit Chimney Park, the location of the Marquis’ meat packing plant and the Chateau DeMores, the Marquis and Marquise’s home to get a feel of the man who created this beautiful town.

Take in the scenary as you drive through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and discover why Theodore Roosevelt called his time spent on his two ranches in the Badlands the ‘romance of my life.’

Stroll down the streets and you will see families shopping for treasures in the gift shops or gathered on park benches eating ice cream and couples strolling hand in hand. The unmistakable spell that Medora casts on its visitors, that ‘Medora Magic’ keeps many of them returning time after time to enjoy its charm.

Also, don’t forget there’s always a reason to visit Medora every season of the year. The chamber sponsors many exciting events throughout the year including the All Horse Flag Day Parade, the Rummage in the Badlands, the Wildlife Feed, and Medora’s Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas. So whether you are visiting in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, we hope you enjoy your stay in Medora.

-- Chamber of Commerce President

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